Brita Brazil

Portuguese  BRita BRazil is an actress, songwriter, singer, poet, dancer, producer, and she was also the first top model in Brazil, for 23 years.

As a composer, BRita wrote 300 songs and lyrics in the rhythms: bossa, blues, samba, bolero, jazz, rock, xote, baião, fox, rap, côco, marchinha, carimbó, pop and romantic. Nowadays, she is preparing a songbook with her music.

From 1990 to 1994, she acted at TV Globo as Flora Própolis, a character created by the top comedian Chico Anysio, whose slogan was “Save the Nature!” inspired on her defense of the environment since the 60s. This character made BRita national known.

One of her last acting jobs was Indira in “Malhação”, a daily youth show, at TV Globo- 2014/2015.

In 2017, BRita accomplished 50 years of artistic career that began in 1967, at the age of 13, in order to have an active voice to defend the indigenous cause. Despite her indigenous activism, BRita has always been using her career for helping the poor kids, giving them love and education. She created the cultural center “Afro-Indigenous Children from Brazil”, a kind of “school” that she has led for 5 years, in a heavy risk located area, Brás de Pina, Pequerí slum, dominated by drug traffic. Unfortunately, in 2008, Brita had to quite this “school” in order to take care of both her parents, who were sick and months later, they had passed away. BRita has plans to continue helping the current kids, in this area.

Her artist career was abruptly interrupted by a drama happened to her 25th years old son, the talented bass player and multi musician, Ryan Brito, fatal victim of a trap called Ayahuasca. He was an anti-drug person, invited to a serious ceremony to experience a told secure indigenous plant, held by “pseudo” xamãs. Ryan has died in consequence of it. BRita has been leading the campaign “Campanha Rian Brito de Alerta aos Perigos do Ayahuasca” from 2016 on, where she found many other fatal victims of this drug, sold in many other countries as a “naive Brazilian indigenous ritual”.

“BE CAREFULL with Ayahuasca, a drug that in Holland is on the list of Opium, and in Brazil has been sold as harmless “entheogen”, says BRita.